Lukenya University is a key player in the provision of university and related tertiary education on national, regional and international scene as evidenced by the award of charter. The ODEL infrastructure, programmes and course connotes providing more flexible access to content and instruction at any time, from any place.

Focus entails:
(a) Increasing availability of learning experiences for learners who cannot or choose not to attend in-class instruction,
(b) Assembling and disseminating instructional content more cost efficiently and
(c) Enabling instructors to handle more learners while maintaining learning outcome quality,
(d) Online learning overlaps with the broader category of distance learning, which encompasses earlier technologies such as correspondence courses, educational television and videoconferencing.

Our Vision
Our Mission
To be an institution that imparts to the community skills and knowledge based on relevant research, market-driven curricula and quality services.
Providing solutions through education, training, research and community service.
Our Philosophy
To embrace a Green Philosophy which fosters the use of innovative technologies in global food security, energy and sustainability, health and universal education.
"Postera Cresam Laude"
We labour for the benefit of the future generation